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SELL + EARN MORE – 60-75%

Save time and headaches - Sell all the items your kids OutGROW + OutPLAY hassle-free and during our highly anticipated ONLINE SALE EVENT! Consignors are invited to shop our exclusive Consignor Pre-Sale BEFORE we open and unlock our ONLINE SALE site to the public!


Choose the ONLINE SALE LOCATION you would like to participate at and register to consign at our NEW ONLINE SALE


Login in to your new consignor account! This is your portal to manage your inventory. Take a look around, get comfortable and start taking good pictures of all your kid clutter today! Full support, guidance + “How To” guidelines are at your fingertips! Everything you need to know about how to sell and maximize your earnings will be found here. Need help? We are here every step of the way... just reach out


Start to gather all the items your kids OutGROW and OutPLAY each season. Prep your items (more info in Consignors Corner), snap a good picture of your item and add to your inventory choosing the price, whether or not to Markdown (highly recommended) for our famous HALF PRICE SALE.


Choose a convenient time to drop off your SOLD items. Pick a shift to help out and earn more... or not. It’s all up to you!


You earn 60-75% less a $15 registration fee (4th time is free!). Your registration MUST be paid for in advance and BEFORE you start adding items to your inventory so we can confirm your participation and send you important "How To" info to maximize your earning! Consignor cheques are ready within 5 days AFTER the shoppers pick-up of each event – easy peasy!

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We have a super cool Referral Rewards program that pays YOUR FRIENDS and our Community Partners cold hard CASH when they refer a new consignor. We really want to make sure the right folks get credit so please... please... please... list the persons name/phone number/organization (if applicable) below and we will make sure they get the moohla!

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