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At OutGROW OutPLAY we feel that it is important to be active within our community. We give back by supporting worthwhile causes and programs that enrich people’s lives.

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If raising funds for your child’s school, sports team or daycare provider (or anything else) is important to you... then it is important to us! OGOP can help you raise the funds needed to support important programs and we would be happy to support your cause! We have several fun and creative ways available to help you raise funds and achieve your financial goals.

OutGROW OutPLAY creates a personalized PDF flyer for your organization announcing our sale and how your organization will benefit when someone consigns and or shops at our sale. You post our flyer on your bulletin board and either hand it out or email it to your parents, members, family, friends, etc...

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Your organization will receive 5% of every person’s total purchases when they turn in your flyer (during a specified time).

We'll also give you $5.00 for every new person who registers and consigns at one of our upcoming sales and lists your organization as the referral. All referral information is captured when a parent registers and is double checked at when they drop off their items.

We calculate the total amount of people who consigned and or the total amount of their purchases. You receive a detailed participation report along with a cheque... it is that easy!

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Consign items as a group and your group will earn 75% PLUS… we will waive the consignor registration fee! You spread the word within your organization, collect, price and tag your items as a group and you earn 75%!

Some parents will see the tremendous benefits of recycling and selling their children’s gently-used items and they will register as a consignor for one of our sales.

Other parents will just want to shop the sale for excellent quality items at affordable prices, either way your organization is vested for spreading the word about OutGROW OutPLAY!

Consignors Corner

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