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OutGROW OutPLAY offers Parent-Perneurs a ground-floor opportunity to be a part of a growing Canadian brand and the next big thing! We are a low investment work-from-home eco-friendly franchise that works around your busy family schedule. Our flexible and easy-to-manage franchise system allows you to put the important things in your life first: your family!


Our business fills a HUGE void in the marketplace because there are very few “hassle-free” options available to parents who want to sell the gently-used items their children have outgrown.

At OutGROW OutPLAY, we are super excited to be able to help you start your own sale! We believe that every community (big and small) coast-to-coast needs an OutGROW OutPLAY children's consignment sale! Our concept is new and instead of the "traditional franchising" model, we have made it extremely affordable and simple for you to own your own business.

We are growing, expanding and coming to a city near you soon!

If you ever wished that you had the opportunity to get involved with the next big thing at the right time… we think you've finally found it! Their is no better time than now to join our Team and change the world!

Our opportunity is an absolutely perfect fit for working Moms and stay at home Moms alike because our business is easy-to-manage and flexible... fitting around your hectic schedule. This allows you to ALWAYS put what's important first: your family!

You can choose to start out with a single-unit franchise which provides an excellent option to generate supplemental (working the business part-time) or full-time income. If you are looking to maximize your investment, change your life pace (exit the rat race) and run your own full-time family oriented business...a mutli-unit franchise may be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

We need to note that we believe strongly “old school principles - what you give is what you get” apply in our business. This means ALL revenue potential is directly related to a Franchise Partners efforts especially...during the startup phase. Business is booming and OGOP is on it’s way to becoming a nationally recognized brand.



  • Liquid Capital - $18,000 to $20,000
  • Net Worth - $34,000 to $38,000


  • $7,799 Franchise Fee - One Unit with a population up to 60,999
  • $9,799 Franchise Fee - One Unit with a poplulation of 61,000 to 100,000. Areas with a population of more than 100,000 are defined as Multi-Unit Territories. You can start with one franchise unit or maximize your return by starting with two or three
  • $16,900 Franchise Fee - Multi-Unit Two Franchises
  • $23,900 Franchise Fee - Multi-Unit Three Franchises
  • Royalties - 5% of total revenue


In addition to the Franchise Fee, you will need liquid capital to get your franchise up and running.

  • $8,500 to $19,000: Is what we estimate you'll need to invest up and above the Franchise Partner Fee listed above is required depending on territory size and marketing strategy.

This covers start-up expenses such as travel for training, legal and business incorporation, signage, fixtures, POS hardware systems, grand opening and miscellaneous supplies. You don't need to double/triple up your start-up investment if decide on a multi-unit franchise because you'll use the same fixtures, POS hardware and signage at multiple locations!

Your investment as an OutGROW OutPLAY Franchise Owner is minimal compared to:

  • average Canadian franchise fees of $25,000 +
  • average royalties of 6% to 10%
  • six figure startup costs averaging $160,000 + in Canada

It would cost you more to try and start your own sale from scratch - we know because we've been there and done it and have made plenty costly mistakes!


  • Venue Rental - $1,200 - $5,000
  • Insurance & Licenses - $500 - $1,500
  • Misc $200 - $1,000

estimated marketing expenses


  • One Unit: $1,500 - $2,600
  • Two Units: $3,000 - $4,600
  • Three Units $4,500 to $5,600
  • Additional fixtures, hardware & POS systems - As your sale grows, you will need to purchase additional racks, tables and POS systems. Amount needed depends on growth.



Consignors Corner

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